LLC Schutz Re Insurance Brokers is an insurance brokerage company licensed by LEPL Insurance State Supervision Service of Georgia.

LLC Schutz Re Insurance Brokers is in full compliance with local legislation and regulations.

LLC Schutz Re Insurance Brokers is a daughter company of LLC Insurance Brokerage Company Calma, one of the leaders on the local market among top five insurance brokers in Georgia as per homepage of the local supervision authority.

The key area of LLC Schutz Re Insurance Brokers is reinsurance and cooperation with western reinsurance companies.

Our strategy is the obtaining of client tailored products, suitable to their risks and interests, for the best price, ensuring the service quality throughout the insurance year and in case of losses  defence of our client’s interests.

Our goal is reinsurance of the risks of our clients through cooperation with western reinsurance companies and at the same time, the coordination of negotiation process between western reinsurance and local insurance companies.