Our Team

გიორგი სამთელაძე

Giorgi Samteladze

Managing Partner (Director)

19 years of experience in the financial sector, including eight years in the insurance- and 11 in the banking sector.

ვახტანგ ჯავახაძე

Vakhtang Javakhadze

Managing Partner

17 years of experience in sales, including 7 years in the insurance sector.

ზურაბ ბარათაშვილი

Zurab Baratashvili

Managing Partner

15 years of experience in the banking sector.

მარიამ ლანდია

Mariam Landia

Service Manager

Competences: handling any insurance related issues during the insurance period, including: clarification of insurance and reinsurance terms and conditions; consultation on loss compensation and full support of the client in case of disputes.


Legal Service

ULS Group (Universal Legal Service Group), a team of lawyers with multi-years experience covers the legal duties of our company. ULS Group provides regulation of legal issues for insurance companies.

LLC Universal Legal Service Group

Address: Potskhverashvili #8/Ninoshvili str. #66, Tbilisi



Schutz Re hires an external licensed auditor to do an annual audit of its activities and submits the audit report to the Insurance State Supervision Agency.

LLC Vega (VEGA audit and accounting service)

Address: Gorgasali str. #115, Tbilisi



Code of Ethics

Schutz Re defines its main target as serving its’ clients at their best advantage in the insurance area. At Schutz Re we conduct the business in a manner which assures our clients and business partners that they work with a company which does not tolerate any wrongdoing.

We at Schutz Re welcome everybody with all backgrounds and identities.

Our shareholders and employees act with integrity and comply with applicable laws and regulations, they maintain a professional work environment and comply with Schutz Re’s internal policies and guidelines. They treat clients, colleagues, and business partners ethically.

Our shareholders and employees avoid any relationships or activities that might negatively influence their ability to make objective and fair decisions.

At Schutz Re we train our employees to protect company assets (physical, intellectual, and/or digital properties).

We at Schutz Re find it crucial to build up trustworthy relationship with our clients and business partners based on transparency and integrity principles. Our shareholders and employees must always act and work fairly, honestly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Schutz Re conducts its business based solely on transparency and integrity principles. Schutz Re, as well as their shareholders and employees adhere to these principles. They are reflected in the Anti-Corruption Policy of Schutz Re, the latter aims a strict prohibition of Corruption and Bribery.

Schutz Re is fully compliant with local and applicable international anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations as part of its compliance program, including strict prevention and prohibition of any form of Bribes or Corruption in the private and public sectors.

Schutz Re adheres to the transparency and integrity principles in all of its business transactions by preventing any illegal advantage or any questionable conduct by its shareholders or employees. This Policy is one of the main components of the Compliance Program of Schutz Re. Compliance Program of Schutz Re aims to assess the respective key financial crime risks as well as any improper conduct or wrongdoing no matter in private or public sector.

Schutz Re adheres to all requirements related to Sanctions-Screening defined by the Law Of Georgia On Facilitating the Prevention Of Money Laundering And The Financing Of Terrorism. As per letter N381 29/04/2021 issued by the LEPL Insurance State Service of Georgia referring to the letter N 5476 28/04/2021 issued by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Schutz Re as an accountable person must and does screen its potential clients against the following listissued by the United Nations Security Council.

Schutz Re is an accountable person as per Art. 3, a.g) of Law of Georgia On Facilitating the Prevention Of Money Laundering And The Financing Of Terrorism.

Thus, adhering to all applicable requirements by the aforementioned law.

Please note: as delegated by the local authority LEPL Insurance State Supervision Service of Georgia the implementation of the applicable requirements is currently in process and will be finalised by the end of 2021. Supporting evidence can be acquired from Schutz Re where permitted by the law.